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Notice: i730/i830/i860 Users: There has been a GPS outage since 07/16/2004. Your phone would reboot when using any GPS functions due to Motorola's firmware flaw. Please upgrade your phone firmware. More info here.

1. Features

Messaging; Virtual compass; Smart sending; Speed, heading data report; Geofence alerts; Location sticker; External display (i730/i830/i860 phone only). For online tracking page screenshots, click here.

2. Starter Kit

The software has been preinstalled with the phone if you have the Starter Kit. Skip section 3 below and start from section 4 "Using AccuTracking". Otherwise, if you have your own phone, start with section 3 "Installation Guide".

3. Installation Guide

Note: AccuTracking software requires a Nextel Data Access Plan or Southern LINC Java Access Plan.

This guide is for Nextel customers only. For other carriers, use data cable or their application loaders.

Install AccuTracking on Motorola iDEN phones

1. Download AccuTracking installation file for your phone here. If you phone model is not listed there, it's not officially supported. Unzip to get a JAD and a JAR file. (If you are loading Java applications to your phone with any Java Application Loader (for instance WebJAL) and a phone cable, please refer to the manual of your loader. Otherwise, follow the steps below.)
2. Go to Nextel Mobile Account Manager and login (register first if not). Click "Application library" then click "upload application".
3. On the next page browse to the JAD and JAR files on your PC then click open.
4. On the next page, when it asks for the phone version, do the following on your phone:

(How to Find Your Phone's Software Version)

From the idle screen, press #, *, “Menu”, Right Arrow quickly.
Scroll down to "Unit Info".
Press the key under 'View' or the 'OK' nav button, depending on phone model.
Scroll down to 'Software'.
Press the key under 'Select' or the 'OK' Nav button.
The software version is listed first and normally starts with 'R', followed by a string of alpha/digits in the Rxx.xx.xx format.

5. Now on the Nextel Mobile Account Manager webpage, check the version that matches your phone version (For i58sr/i88s phones, they are usually one of the following: R88.00.01, R88.01.00, R88.01.02 or any other R88.01.xx; for i730 phone, the version is usually check R0A.00.xx; for i830/860 phone, it is usually R2B.00.xx.)
6. In "Required Program Space" enter 30, "Required Data Space" enter 40. Click "Next" AccuTracking should now be uploaded.
7. Click "Assign to Phones", check the check box to the left of your phone number. Click "continue", then on the next page click "Save", then click "Send" (or click "Skip" if you don't want to send a SMS notice to the phone).

8. Now on your phone press the menu button, select "GPS"->"Privacy"->"Unrestricted". This will allow Java programs to access the GPS chipset.
9.Press the menu button, Select "Java Apps"->"Download Apps"->"RUN". Select "new purchases". Highlight "AccuTracking" then "GET IT".
10. Go to your main "Menu"-> "Java Apps"->"AccuTracking"->"INSTALL"->"DONE".
11. Now you can select "AccuTracking" and press "RUN".
12. To access the main menu, on the AccuTracking screen, press the menu key (the key with the popup menu icon) on the phone keypad, you will see a list of menu items. To quit AccuTracking, select "Quit".

4. Using AccuTracking (locate your cell phone)

4.1 Cell Phone Software Setup

1. When running for the first time, the program will ask you to provide a Tracker ID. The tracker ID is obtained from the following steps:

2. Go to for a free sign up. Then login into your account, in "Manage Client" page, choose an easy to remember nick name for your phone, click "Generate Tracker ID" button. An ID will be generated for you.

3. Start AccuTracking on the phone, move the cursor to tracker ID field (on most phone models: press menu button, you will see a list of input methods: Alpha/Word/Symbols/Numeric/Languages. Select "Numeric"), enter the tracker ID just generated and press "OK".

4. To access the main menu, on the AccuTracking screen, press the menu key (the key with the popup menu icon) on the phone keypad, you will see a list of menu items. To quit AccuTracking, select "Quit".

5. Some basic operations:
- To send a short message to server, select "Mesg" command from the main menu and follow the screen instructions.
- Select "Virtual compass" from main menu for a compass.
- "Run in backgrd" command will send the application to background while still running.
- "Setup" command will bring up the option screen to set the sending interval, Hot GPS, Smart Sending preferences (see FAQ for more details).
- "Exit" will terminate the AccuTracking application.

6. (i730/i830/i860 only) To use the external display: with AccuTracking running, close the phone flip, press the menu button (the button with the small square on it) until you see the external screen reads 'AccuTracking', then press the 'speak on/off' button.

4.2 Online Tracking

1. With the AccuTracking application running on your phone, go to an open air place and wait a few minutes until it says 'Latitude Longitude Speed Heading Altitude'. Your position, speed and heading data has now been sent to the server and will be sent periodically.

If you see the error message on the screen reads "Cannot connect", you don't have the right data plan from your phone carrier. See FAQ "system requirements" for more information.

2. Log into and click "Tracking". You will see the trip of you phone with link to Google maps with satellite and hybrid view (screenshots).

4.3 Location Sticker

To add an image of your live GPS information (location sticker) to your website or online forum/Email signatures, go to our website and login, click "Manage Clients", under the client name, click "Show" on "Sticker" column, then copy and paste the HTML code to your own webpage. Sample sticker:

5. Account Expiration Policy

To save the network and database resources, free accounts expires 6 months after last login date. A warning email will be sent to the account email address 30 days before expiration date and you can login to your account again to avoid account removal.

6. Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and are committed to maintaining this information responsibly. Please read our Privacy Policy Statement. It basically says we will not disclose information about you (contacts, locations) unless required by law or court order.

7. More Questions

For any other questions, please check FAQs or visit our forums. Forum is the most effective way to get answers and reach other users.

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